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Review of Breaking News by Joanne Giles

Release Date: 07/06/2018

Feel Line Records


If you are ready to take a trip on a musical voyage of pure brilliance with exceptional lyric delivery, look no further than Breaking News, the second album from the artist simply known as Reemah. And how ironic, since there is nothing remotely simple about the caliber of artist that Reemah has proven herself to be. The album starts off with Far Away, a piece that takes you on a journey to a distant place within the mind and soul, leaving you to experience vibrational ecstasy. Then we have the immense Crowns Up On Your Head which speaks directly to individuals and people as a whole, who have possibly forgotten or who needs to remember and reawaken their ancestral heritage. It encourages listeners to walk in confidence because they are royalty and we all can use a reminder from time to time...message received.

Next up is Modern Day. Where do I begin? Possibly, it is the sweet guitar intro that draws you in, or perhaps the profound verse that follows. Reemah gets straight to the point with a staggering lyrical display and then, ever-so-wonderfully, the chorus reiterates the blatant use of slavery in this present day. She is pointing out what is obviously apparent to her, and is hoping to jolt those who may still be asleep, thinking that slavery is only limited to its physical form of yesteryear. Whatever it might be, Modern Day ranks high on my list...mind blown! Now enters the title track Breaking News. Here Reemah intricately weaves a story of mass media control and deception. This is one of the most lyrical tracks on the album, in my opinion, as the artist displays her creativity with usage of metaphors, synonyms, and similes, showing her capacity to think about subjects from different angles, making her a force to be reckoned with in any genre of music. “Break in, trespass, mind hostage yah now”, is the opening words of the first verse in which Reemah references the programming of people through the media from those in power. It is worth the mention that Reemah wittingly gives us a play on words as “break in” is used in a totally different context than the word "breaking" in the chorus and title of the track Breaking News. Her ingenuity and ability to be intuitive, while still captivating the listening audience (such as myself), is truly impressive indeed.

Reemah's purpose in the next track entitled No Freedom is made clear as she sings, “There is No Freedom in Babylon”, leaving none to question her opinion on this mindset and system called “Babylon”. And, as though she is telling a story, the scorching Warn Dem follows with a very potent sound and that can only be described as roots music. It’s an in your face song, calling out of the oppressors and those who side with the oppression of the righteous and truth-seekers. Then, without warning, the floodgates open, and all attempts to sit quietly and listen (quite impossible by this point anyways) is NULL and VOID with May Day. Its riveting bass line and the fiery chanting style by the ever so creative mind of Reemah, leaves you compelled to repeat this track several times (I stopped counting at 4) with reckless abandon. Similarly, track eight High Powaz, is equally high energy with an electric current that infuses adrenaline through its listeners. Aptly named, High Powaz has POWAZ and will leave you buzzing. This brings us to a song that has easily become my daily mantra and a personal favorite, Give Thanks Everyday...TEARS!!! This song puts the listener in a state of gratitude and a willingness to accept what comes, knowing there is a perfect balance to life when we are open to accept every experience as a blessing...just an amazing, amazing, AMAZING song that captures the reggae feel with cross-over appeal. And to close out this masterpiece, we have One Life, a wonderfully motivating track like its predecessor, wherein Reemah acknowledges that her goal in this life is to live upright, with hopes that we can all unite as a people since we are all sharing this planet. From informative to inspirational, grooving or reflecting, Breaking News is a must have by reggae fans all over the world, as it is current yet timeless and captures the essence and beauty of a masterpiece. Press play, breathe deeply, and get ready for the journey.