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Reemah, hailing from St. Croix, Virgin Islands, has been encouraging all those that listen with a powerful, and spiritually uplifting message through music.  Having always been passionate about stimulating the mind and soul, Reemah has been planting the seeds of a divine flame, bringing awareness through her musical offerings, which serves as social commentary wrapped in an unapologetic yet sweetly satisfying package

As a performer, Reemah has been described as a captivating artist with a striking command and stage presence.  Her messages are keen and her lyrics are absolutely brilliant.  She is a gifted songwriter who effortlessly combines the depth and essence of conscious Reggae with a style that she has harnessed and made her own.

       Reemah's debut album, Check Your Words, was released in July 2012, setting the airwaves ablaze with a conscious and feminine fervor.  Check Your Words has been heralded by Reemah supporters as one of the best reggae albums, delivering a powerful dose of musical healing.   Reemah’s masterfully crafted sophomore album, Breaking News, was released on July 2018.  With heavy hitters such as ‘Crowns Upon Your Head’, ‘Give Thanks Everyday’, and ‘Warn Dem’, this album proves to be another rootical gem of spiritual rousing, balancing, and awakening.

     Reemah's performances throughout the United States (including Hawaii), Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Reggae on the River Festival in California, South America, as well as major festivals such as Rototom Sunsplash in Europe, and the One Love Festival in the UK, has created an ever-growing fan base.  Undoubtedly, she has left her name in the mouths and hearts of those who have witnessed her performances, leaving them with renewed strength and love. 

     Currently, Reemah is getting ready for the release of her newest single 'Everbless' on July 23, 2021, produced by Dean Pond of Rymshot Productions and the late Drew Keys.

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