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2018 Europe Tour Dates Confirmed

Reemah to lauch The Breaking News Tour in Europe.

Reemah takes it to Europe for the launch of 'The Breaking News Tour' which comes shortly after the release of her Breaking News album this summer. Thus far the performances will be primarily in the Netherlands and Belgium, but Reemah hopes to include a few more countries as well. The tour will span across the space of a month and will kickstart on July 13, carrying over into early August. Backed by the Rude Cut Band, Reemah will make appearances mainly on festivals with a sound show sprinkled in the mix.

“There is a certain charge in the air because Breaking News is about to be released. Then, I will be making the trod to Europe shortly after. Not only that...I have something special that I will give a little more insight about soon. All of these vibes in Europe...yeah."

What Can Fans In Europe Expect?

Reemah's fans in Europe can expect a high energy, soulful performance as she shares a few seasoned tunes alongside some from her upcoming album. It will be nothing short of an experience as Reemah combines jarring lyrics alongside melodic harmonies, topped with a powerful voice. You will not want to miss this!


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