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New album, “Breaking News”, Out This Summer

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

Reemah announces that her sophomore album, 'Breaking News', will make an appearance early Summer 2018

This 'news' is certainly right on time as Reemah's fans have been anticipating the release of new music. This will be the second album since her debut, Check Your Words, and will showcase an ever growing and evolving Reemah, whose focus is evidently shining light where it is needed. Produced primarily by Catalyst Mitchell, who also steered the production on Reemah's Check Your Words, Breaking News will have a slightly familiar feel but with new perspective.

“It still has that fire, I don't think that is going anywhere. But, it is also has tracks to sing along to, songs that will rejuvenate the spirit, and songs that are more introspective. It is a full and complete and I am looking forward to sharing ."


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